Scalp micropigmentation for hair transplant scars

scalp micropigmentation

for scarring

Many of our clients have scalp scars they wish to conceal. These scars are usually the result of hair transplant surgery, but sometimes we see clients with neurosurgery scars, accident-related scars and burns.

Scalp micropigmentation is an effective camouflage for these scars. For hair transplant patients, SMP can be used for both strip (FUT) and dot (FUE) scars, as well as plug scars from historic procedures. Other types of scars are camouflaged in the same way.

The exact extent of camouflage is hard to predict, but most of our clients see a visibility reduction of 70% or more, rising to as high as 90% under certain conditions. Depending on your individual circumstances, sometimes the hair can be kept at a longer length, whereas other clients will need to shave for the best results. For a free assessment of your situation, simply contact us for confidential advice.

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